New DMU VT08 freeware

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New DMU VT08 freeware

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Hello dear friends,
unfortunately I am not able to write Czech language, but I have created a new freeware train for Railworks.
It is the German VT08 "Fussball-Weltmeister 1954" - in Czech "Vlak mistru svêta ve fotbale".


This train made several trips to Praha as well.

On June 20th, 2011 there will be a day of the open doors in the German Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic.

Velvyslanectví SRN v Praze
Vlašská 19
118 01 Praha 1 (Malá Strana)

Main subject will be "football" with VIPs attending.

That very day, I will be presenting as a world premiere my brand-new VT08 DMU "Fussball Weltmeister 1954" train for Railworks 2. It is dedicated to the German national women's football team.
Everybody showing up that day in the German Embassy in Prague can take the train home for free. You only need RW2 installed on your PC.
Come and see and celebrate the day of the open doors with us.
Regards and Ahoj
Dipl.Ing. Bernd K. Diehl (BeeKay)

P.S. Please check also my web-page with more information about the train:
or a short video:
and the web-page of the German embassy: ... seite.html